A native Texan, Karen Laborde grew up on a horse and cattle ranch in Oklahoma. She holds a BA in English from Loyola University, and was a journalist before art and creative writing studies. She then shifted her concentration to painting mixed media abstracts and writing short fiction. Her work is in private and corporate collections across the United States and in Spain, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Loyola University, Orthopedic Associates of New Orleans, Laborde Dermatology (Houston, Texas), and The Shaw Group. "My paintings are an ongoing process of story. The short fiction I’ve written informs each painting as I transfer phrases and sentences onto blank canvas to begin the flow of shape and line, texture and color. Found material becomes metaphor. Random marks are uncalculated but not accidental. Desire–to translate in a different form the hidden meanings and feelings associated with language—is a constant theme. To understand what is left unsaid is the horizon. The interplay between two of the most fundamental forms of communication is the muse."