Cass is a fifth generation native Floridian, but spent most of her formative creative years living and painting in New Orleans, LA. Cass has been involved with art throughout her life and has painted professionally since 1996. She is a graduate of the University of Florida studying Architecture and Painting. She is back to painting after taking time off to raise her two children with husband Peter, Olivia, 21 and Riggs, 14. Her work is guided by process and the behavior of various layers and materials used in her mixed media abstracts. Her canvases are saturated with color and rich with texture, and the true emotion of her work is revealed through manipulation and alteration of the surface. Sections of aged and decrepit walls, floors and other features of both the inside and outside of buildings, are the basis of her inspiration. Most canvases are painted so they may be displayed in any direction, having interest no matter how they are ultimately hung. Most materials used in her process are recycled, reclaimed or vintage. Her works are included in numerous private and corporate collections, and has appeared in many national publications including Food and Wine Magazine. ABOUT THE WORK As a painter, it is fulfilling to have the ability to express through artwork, a piece of work for others to enjoy. Painting has always, and continues to be an integral part of my life. From the little girl quietly observing and participating in my mother’s art classes or traveling with her to juried shows. To the adult who finds true purpose through the finished product. As a Contemporary Abstract Painter, my preferred medium is acrylic mixed with latex and other found substances. I apply layer after layer until I intuitively deem a piece complete. Through my process, I hang pieces in a real world setting, so I may study the work. After observation, I either deem it finished or send it back to the studio for re-working. The body of work, Mapping Horizons, is loosely based on old Florida landscape and topography. Creating this group of work, I discovered an interest in the repetitive linear qualities found in nature and ariel photography. I wanted to capture scenes inspired by those linear characteristics in the photos, skylines, clouds and water lines. I found great inspiration painting "en plein air", at my grandparent’s ranch on the Withlacoochee River, also known as "The Backwater". The natural scenery provided great inspiration with a rich family history. I design the composition of a piece around the original inspiration and then work on several pieces at once. I find it interesting visually to incorporate hidden messages through original poetry or antique book excerpts that are added into the piece and sometimes lead to a title. I determine when a painting is complete, a crazed perfectionist, when I'm finally able to look without finding fault, that's when I know it's finished.