Rhythm of Flight (August/September)
continued in-part


SUMMER GROUP | Selections from the Roster

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GEORGE CLINTON | Interplanetary Funkmanship


JOSIAH GAGOSIAN | Emerge From the River of Shadows

DECEMBER Exhibition |
GROUP Work & NEHDARAN (continued)
GROUP | Giftable Works for the Holiday Season

October 1-November 26th (full exhibition)
continuing in-part through December
GROUP WORK | Summer Invitational
featuring new and recent work by
John Barnes, Ainsely Burrows, Alonzo Davis, Cedric Dent, Jr., Lovie Olivia,
Sara Madandar, Bianca Walker, and John Cletus Wilcox
June 4th-July 30th

MELISSA HERRINGTON | Myths, Words & Fire
April 1st-May 28th
GROUP WORK | Selections from the Roster
MARCH 2022
Abdul Aziz, Dana Chapman, George Clinton, William Dunlap, Josiah Gagosian, Melissa Herrington, Ann Johnson, Kelli Scott Kelley, Audra Kohout, Daniel Minter, Ed Smith, Thomas Swanton, Catherine Walker, & Kimberly Witham

January 8th-February 26th, 2022

ED SMITH | Recent Work
(side gallery installation)