Catherine Walker is an artist and educator, living and working in New Orleans, LA. She holds a degree in Interior Design and a Masters of Art Education. Having taught young artists in New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago, Catherine is currently teaching at Walter L. Cohen College Prep High School in New Orleans. In her own artwork, Catherine typically works in acrylic paint and mixed media, creating tactile abstract images in vibrant layers of color. Her paintings have been shown in New York City, Washington, DC and New Orleans. “I have always utilized degrees of improvisation in my painting process, working back and forth from a figurative or subtly suggestive visual language, to complete and non-geometric abstraction. My paintings are a conversation within themselves, each mark provoking its unique set of intuitive, often spontaneous responses. Aside from the first marks, each decision is reliant on the outcome of the prior. I want to connect with a segment of human experience that is fluid rather than logical or predictable; those spaces of life where circumstance, often our interaction with culture and other human beings, is wildly or constantly altering the essence of one’s being.”-Walker